In 1998 we became a couple, parents in 2005 and since 2007 we are Photophilla.
We deal with communication and photography.
We decided to focus on human relations and quality, putting all our passion in those projects that make resonate our strings.
We give our best when we find clients who offer us new and exciting challenges.

Who we work for

For large companies Photophilla photographs events and products and follows their below the line communication.
For startups and small businesses Photophilla creates or renewes identity and communication, from paper to mobile.

A scalable team

We have created a flexible network of companies and consultants that we can join in customized teams for each project.
Starting from a single consultant to teams of dozens of professionals who work together in different cities or nations.
Because scalable is better.

Why us

Since 2001 we support the top managers of automotive companies, luxury, beverage, software and telecommunications to better communicate their products and services.
We gained transversal knowledges, from product design to graphic design, from photography to 3D CGI, from ergonomics to programming.


Our method allows us to obtain the best results in the available time and budget.
If we propose a way is for the good of the client, not because it’s the only way we could do it.
Every project is an excuse to experiment with new solutions and expand our skills and knowledge.
We like to plan with the client and not be mere performers, we prefer to work without compromise, following consistent and unique projects.

Tatiana Paolella

Marketing & Photography
In 2001 she graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Turin with a degree with Motorola on Haptic Interfaces.
She worked as a designer in Milan and Turin, then as account, head of marketing and communications, until the opening of Photophilla where today she deals with marketing and photography.

  • Photography 100%
  • Styling 80%
  • Marketing 50%
  • Publishing 40%
  • Administration 30%


Passion: becoming a chef

Alessandro Monforte

Creative Director
He studied architecture at the Politecnico di Torino.
He worked as a designer in architecture, industrial design, CGI-3D and multimedia, then as an art director in conventions, print, web, mobile and BTL for international brands.
In Photophilla Alessandro deals with communication.

  • Project Design & Planning 100%
  • Creative Direction 90%
  • Graphic Design 80%
  • Postproduction 50%
  • Video 40%


Passion: becoming a musician

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